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    Welcome to the Rite of Beltane, the union of the God and Goddess and the generation of growth and fertility across the land. This ceremony is one of loveand acceptance, honouring the life we are living right now and offering love and support to the sisters we sit with in circle. This is a ritual of drawing together the energy of the night to build energy within the movement in our own lives in the growth we are seeking and moving into. 

    A night dedicated to the merging of the God and Goddess, love, and your relationships in all of life, this rite is a favourite of ours. The veil is thin at this time of year, the communion with spirits, especially those of nature are dominant, hearing our prayers and songs of love and gratitude. 

    MAY 1ST, 2017 8PM
    Cost: $60 + HST
    Women only
    Lead by Lady Samantha of TCOTM

    Ritual Policy: Rituals Tickets are nonrefundable for any reason due to limited space. Please add your name to the wait list if we are sold out.

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