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Integrated Aromatherapy Lymphatic Bodywork Sessions

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries by many cultures and societies, as potent plant essence medicine, used for therapeutic and ritual based practices. It is an ancient healing practice that works as a whole to balance body, mind and spirit. When used in massage, the vibrational frequencies of these aromatic scents connect to the body through the senses, unlocking the internal compass of self healing, rebalancing and overall health and well-being to occur. This therapeutic treatment offers an integrated blend of Aromatherapy Lymphatic Drainage massage, acupressure and energetic techniques, performed on a treatment table. The combination of bodywork accompanied with the aromatic alchemy of essential oils, offers a ceremony of nourishment for body and soul. 
Benefits include: Encouraging lymph flow and drainage, promoting detoxification, supporting immune system and digestion, increased circulation, reducing muscle soreness, pain and inflammation; stiffness and joint regeneration, improved range of motion; deeply relaxing; aids in calming the nervous system, mental clarity and increased energy levels; relieving tension, stress and anxiety; clearing and harmonizing the energetic body; grounding and realigning to core self. Immerse yourself in this luxurious therapeutic massage and soothe your soul.

60 mins  $110 + HST 
90 mins $140 + HST
Add 30 mins Reiki + $40 + HST


Traditional Thai Massage

This massage is an ancient eastern based healing art and modality that works both on the physical and energetic body. It includes eastern modalities and techniques such acupressure, passive yoga, tai chi and shiatsu and acts as a meditation between the giver and receiver. Its origin in Buddhism embraces the Four Divine States of Mind: loving kindness (metta), compassion, joy and equanimity. Practiced on a floor mat, clients are placed in yogic like postures, while various techniques of compression, stretching and rocking are used along muscular and meridian pathways allowing blockages to clear and life force to flow freely.
What to expect in treatment?
Thai massage is practiced on a floor mat; clients wears comfortable loose fitting clothing. Clients are safely transitioned into various postures, working on the whole body as well as accessing reflex points on feet, hands, head and face. Various techniques are used using hands, elbows, feet and knees while choosing mild, medium to strong touch depending on each individual clients needs.
Benefits include: 
Deeply therapeutic as it restores energy flow more freely through the body. Helps to relieve tired and sore muscles, improves range of motion, mental clarity and increased energy levels. It assists in calming the nervous system, improving circulation; relieving tension, pain, stress and anxiety, while bringing a softening effect on body, mind and soul.

60 mins  $110 + HST 
90 mins $140 + HST
Add 30 mins Reiki + $40 + HST

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