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Welcome to March at The Rock Store, the month of the resurrection of Light. 

It is that time. The time the day and night become equal in how they share and create light. Light will lead the path in the sky after the equinox and bring with it the promise of birth and resurrection. It is time to create again, time to seed, time to need the earth to prepare for the active cycle at hand. Blessings be bestowed to all as we start the agricultural wheel of growth again!

Click below on the link or on the Course Module to gain more information about the workshop or event. We require registration for all of our events due to limited space. Please review each policy before registration. 

Come visit us Saturday Mar 18th as we invite the turning of the seasons. Dust off your altar, repot your plants, bring new life, new intentions, new crystals, and give a loving smudge to your home. Come by on Saturday, March 18th between 10 - 7 PM and celebrate with us SPRING!
Intuitive Readings Available by Drop in or Pre Book. 
$40 Tarot Readings w/ Carlyn 
$40 Angel Readings w/ Julie 
$40 Soul Readings w/ Andra 
Surprise Sales
12-2 PM Urban Sit! See you there!

This 12 week course enables the student to be introduced in depth to the language and study of Astrology through the thorough examination of their Natal Chart. This Series is taught through three four week parts that build upon each other. A certificate is given upon completion of the 12 weeks. 
Part 1: The Natal Chart through the Signs, Planets and House
Thursdays; March 23rd, 30th, April 6th, 13th 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Part 2: The Natal Chart Continued! 
Thursdays; April 20th, 27th, May 4th, 11th 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Part 3: Transits & Relationship Synastry 
Thursdays; May 18th, 25th, Jun 8th, 15th ( skip June 1st) 7:30 PM 9:30 PM
Sign up for the entire course or pay individually per four week course. 
12 Week Certification Course: $440 + hst (save $40 + HST)

URBAN SIT DROP IN MEDITATION OPEN TEMPLE available to the public. Launching March 8th
What is Urban Sit? Urban Sit is open hours available to the public to drop in to meditate in our beautiful Temple Room on the second floor. This room is our ceremony room in which we honour the Great Mother. It is stunning, with vaulted ceilings, surround sound and huge French windows. For those that love to meditate in delicious atmospheres, this is it!
Drop in for 5 mins, 10 mins, 30 mins or the full 2 hours to meditate in our beautiful Temple. March 2017 Schedule Monday - Saturday 12-2 PM
Sliding Scale: $5 – $15 Waged + HST. SEE SCHEDULE HERE. 


Welcome to the Rite of the Birth of Light in the Waking World. Come celebrate in sacred ceremony the Spring Equinox and the Rite of Ostara. This sabbat marks the time when the sun and moon share the sky, with the balance of light and dark. The days will continue to brighten and warmth will spread over the Earth. This is a time of the conscious planting of seeds that will carry through their energies until Yule. It is truly a time of cerebration for the birth of the Goddess into waking reality, the same Goddess who will become the Great Crone at Yule. Within ceremony, we ritualizerelease and we invite all lessons needed for this next cycle of our growth. Blessed Be to the bringer of light, the East and warmth and growth taking over the time. Tickets on sale now. Lead by Lady Samantha of Coven TCOTM, 3rd Degree High Priestess in the Runic Tradition of Witchcraft. March 20th, 2017 8 PM Ticket Cost: $60 + HST Women only DRESS CODEALL WHITE

THROAT CHAKRA CRYSTAL GRID TREATMENTS MARCH 15TH - 29TH Booking now. THE OCEAN GRID. Welcome to the month dedicated to sound, the first energy of creativity we can manifest easily in our reality. This March 2017 come and experience our Throat Chakra Crystal Grid in our NEW Crystal Healing Room. Connect to the nurturing waters and sounds of the ocean, the soothing womb of life. Lie there surrounded by hundreds of crystals connected to the Throat Chakra, designed to connect and anchor the new energies of 2017 deep into your being. These are one on one Reiki Sessions with a practitioner. Mar 15th - 29th, 2017 60 & 90 mins avail. Reiki & Aromatherapy Inc! 

THE WATER SERIES: NEW MOON NEW INTENTION ARIES CIRCLE: MAR 26TH 4 - 6:30 PM Come and sit in circle with Nicole Angela as she guides you through the energies of the new moon in Aries, the start of life and renewal of self. Time to renew, to grow and become active….. As we move out of the watery depths of Pisces, we heal through expression and sound. This circle will share fundamentals for circle healing, meditation, listening, chanting and a special Reiki healing session. This Circle is open to All female and male identified. DATE: Sunday, March 26th 4-6:30 PM approximately. Cost: $45 + HST Full pymt required for registration Duration: 2.5 hours Teacher: Nicole Angela

REIKI & CRYSTAL THERAPY TREATMENT PROMOTION MAR 1 - 30TH Book a Reiki session in March at our promotional price for spring! …. In one of our beautiful new treatment rooms, the Cedar Room and the Birch Room. 
March 1st – 31st, 2017 
60 mins $85 ( save $ 15 + HST) reg price $100 + HST 
90 mins $115 ( save $20 + HST)reg price $135 + HST
Must be used within this month to receive the promotion. Can be purchased in advance. Cannot be combined with any other offer.