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Welcome to the Crystal Awakenings February 2017 Module Registration Page. Find below the separate links for registering for this module. This course consists of 5 dates that build upon each other. The classes include lecture, practicum, meditation and the homework guidelines. The assigned work will be due before the next class.


CA101: Feb 12th, 2017 $160 + HST 11-4 PM
CA102: Mar 5th, 2017 $125 + HST 12-4 PM
CA103: Apr 2nd, 2017 $125 + HST 12-4 PM
CA104: May 7th, 2017 $125 + HST 12-4 PM
Ca105: Jun 11th, 2017 $160 + HST 12-5 PM

PACKAGE: CA102-CA105 Available Below $490 + HST

Please note: If you intend to purchase the package rate for CA102-CA105, you must still register in CA101. These classes must be taken in order in which they appear and physical attendance in the class is required by the student to secure the notes and audio files to move to the next class. Please review our policies on the package Click Here