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February 2020 Events & Workshops

Tarot is old. Very old. It symbolizes the Journey of The Hero, from his humble beginnings to the full realization of his power and potential. Tarot can help you get a jump start when you become stalled on your life’s journey, provide insight and information, and guide you to remove blockages that impede your happiness and fulfillment. This intensive hands-on class focuses primarily on how the Tarot works… and how to make it work. Numerology, symbolism, and the elements will be explained, and a reading will be given to each participant. This class is prerequisite for her Tarot for Beginners Certification class, The Intermediate Tarot Class and The Advanced Tarot Class. See policies on link. Two February Dates Available: Saturday February 1st, 2020 11 AM - 1 PM and Sunday, February 23rd, 2020 12 - 2 PM $60 + HST Full pymt required for registration Teacher: Jayne Marie Tarot for Beginners 12 week class is starting Feb 8th, 2020. 

Welcome to the 12 week launch to an in depth relationship with the world of Tarot.  This intensive experiential course focuses primarily on cards II to X of the Minor Arcana. The symbolic, elemental, numerological, and energetic aspects of each card are examined, and the cards are applied to everyday situations. An overview of the Court Cards and the Major Arcana is also included. Certificate awarded upon Completion. Starts Sat. Feb 8th, 2020  11 AM - 1 PM Cost: $525 + HST    Duration: 12 weeks 2 - 2.5 hours per class Skips Feb 15th See More Info. 

This is the 
Rite of Brigid, the first light that sparks in the pregnant belly of the Goddess. We celebrate and energetically prepare for birth as the Goddess Moves through us from the Dark period of the Void in True Death to the moment that there is conception in the belly. We come to a crossroads with the opportunity for renewal, the waxing light of the sun brings. Therefore we birth again our cycle in the Darkness of the Womb and birth forward our energetic statement of our Surrender to our Craft and connection to the Goddess. In this ritual, we invite Once again the light to return and the initiations commence as women of the Great wheel. This ritual is an initiation into the Goddess Circle we create and the energies we surrender to within us for the coming times. This rite is a declaration of your spiritual journey and focus for the year. This ceremony is part of the Open Coven of TCOTM that resides at The Rock Store, founded by Lady Samantha in 2009, 3rd Degree High Priestess through the Norse Tradition of Witchcraft.  The Open Coven follows a feminine - centred Wiccan tradition focussing on the 8 sabbats and how the Goddess and God live throughout our own lives and symbolically connect us to the Earth. These rituals support women's cycles, women's healing, and support through all stages of life. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 2ND, 2020  8:00 - 10:30 PM Cost: $75 + HST Women only Led by Lady Samantha of TCOTM 3rd Degree High Priestess in the Runic Tradition of Norse Witchcraft DRESS CODE: ALL BLACK CLOTHING See Policy

Many people have experienced contact with decreased relatives and other spirits through physical phenomena that occurred to them under a variety of circumstance. Others have connected with the spirit world through dreams. The common thread is that they all happened spontaneously. These experiences, called Spirit Communication, are a fundamental aspect of mediumship. Most have experienced this type of communication at least once in their lifetime, but only the most sensitive are able to do this and help others tune into this gift on demand. And why would we want to do this on demand? Because when initiating communication with spirit under the direction of a skilled practitioner, you may experience a moment of psychic awakening during which you can become connected to someone from your past who has passed on and who is no longer here -- almost as if they are speaking directly with you, right here and right now. 
In this workshop, Jayne Marie, a skilled intuitive, will teach you and guide you in the basics of spirit communication. Come and enjoy an evening of inner personal exploration, resolving personal issues with those dear to you who have passed on, and perhaps even have a revelation of how future events may unfold for you. Two Dates Available due to demand. Tuesday, February 4th, 2020 & Monday, February 24th, 2020 Choose carefully when registering.  7 - 9:30 PM approximately Cost: $70 + HST Full pymt required for registration Class Size limited to 8 participants.  Duration: 2.5 hours Teacher: Jayne Marie See Policy on Link

Each of us carries stored memories from past generations that affect our well-being, health and happiness. Your ancestors are part of you long after they have passed on. Held in your physical body are densities that are epigenetically passed on from one generation to the next. The subtle energy that vibrates in your DNA holds memories of your ancestors pain or trauma once lived. The trauma that they experience is an energetic code that is inherited via the family lineage to you. What is now understood is that the trauma is carried throughout the lineage until one person is ready and available to heal and complete the cycle inherited for future generations. You can heal the cycle. You can choose to heal yourself, your ancestors, and the Earth. Vanessa Benlolo invites you to heal the trauma still stored in your generational lineage in order to assist humanity and our Earth, so we can move into the next evolution. Saturday, February 8th 2-4 PM $35 + HST She will also be available to book private sessions.  

The path and practice of Reiki is a practice of awareness, and of moment to moment reflection of what’s here now. It is the practice of filling yourself with pure love, harmony and healing and transmitting it in its pure form.The classes are divided into levels, the first being Shodan, level one, where the first attunement is given; The attunement being the gateway to resonating with the vibration of reiki. This attunement to the vibration of Reiki will stay with you for life and no hard training is required to start healing. In Level 1, we focus on self purification techniques and develop a meditation practice to resonate with Reiki Ho. You will learn the 12 basic hand techniques and self purification exercises to strenthen the resonance with Reiki and ultimately the core of your being. Saturday, February 15th 2020 Time: 11-4 PM Cost: $205 + HST

Empaths feel everything. Empaths are sensitive. They feel everything around them often taking on the feelings and emotions of others. That sensitivity can lead to increased anxiety, depression and feeling drained, especially when living in big cities. In this workshop, you'll learn about how your brain and body processes information with your subtle energy body. You'll learn how to care for your unique energy field - how to protect and clear it, and how to know if energy is yours or someone else's. Your sensitivity is a gift, and this class will give you tools to embody your gift so you can shine, access deeper wisdom, and avoid empathic burnout. This is a safe space for empaths to join together in support, healing and learning. Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 3 - 6 pm Cost: $88 + HST Your Guide: Andra 

Join us for a February New Moon ceremony of Invitation and Deep Prayer before Spring Takes hold. As the Earth continues to dance with the waxing light of the sun in the darkness of February, the promise of warmth returning is so close. This promise give rise to an invitation of reverent communication with the ground beneath our feet that is so wise in its dormancy. The ground, the soil, the minerals and the roots bear the wisdom of the age of the earth and what cycles truly mean. Inherent in the core within the darkness of the Earth's wisdom, a rumbling of life is stirring and starting, before we bear the pleasure to witness life above ground. 
Join Shirley in a ritual of connection and invitation in the dark February Wise New Moon. Connect to the Plants, the soil and the roots in a ceremony, that involves sweeping, release burning and song to support each participant. Shirley brings into each ceremony her connection to to the plants and her practice of Limpias, a traditional practice from South America. Register in Advance. Space is Limited. Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 Time: 7 - 9 PM  Cost: $45+HST Your Guide: Shirley Pincay Coed

Have you ever wondered what your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign are? What it means to have venus in capricornsaturn in the 7th house, and how they all interact together? This four week introduction to Astrology introduces the fundamental concepts of understanding the natal chart from the signs, planets and houses and how they interact together in a unique individual to map the life. This class is interactive and is taught while using your own chart which gives you a detailed look into your own constitution.... And makes it so much more enjoyable!
(Please provide your birth information as you will be learning off your own chart in class.) Thursdays; Feb 27TH, Mar 5th, 12th, & 26th  7 PM – 9 PM Cost: $185 + HST Teacher: Samantha