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Treat Yourself by setting aside time to thoroughly relax in a beautiful and tranquil space. These boutique, intimate restorative yoga classes offer a safe space to unwind and let go from the stresses of your day. Enter The Temple Room, our sacred space devoted to deep relaxation, self care and restoration.

Restorative classes allow the body to gently open to the benefits of the pose, and for you to surrender into relaxation. This practice is extremely healing, and although it is a subtle practice, its benefits are profound. Join us to experience the luxury of deep relaxation, allowing yourself to let go of all tension in your body and mind.

With a focus on restoration and rejuvenation, our therapeutic specialty classes are purposefully kept small so that everyone can have a richer, more personalized, hands-on experience.


Current Schedule: 
| T U E S |  Reiki Restorative 6 pm 
| W E D |  Crystal Drumming & Meditation 6 pm CLASS HAS BEEN CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. 
| SAT | Yin Restorative 10 am  


WEDNESDAY, OCT 31st, 2018

8 MOON* PACKAGE | Treat yourself to deeper self care, with the freedom to pick and choose your restorative sessions and the convenience of reserving your space up to many weeks in advance, all while saving $10-50. Cost $150 + HST  See below for more info. 
Enjoy each class for 1 moon and save!


Reiki Restorative 

Reiki Restorative combines two powerful healing faculties for a deeply nourishing experience: reiki and restorative yoga. Together, they enhance relaxation and promote the release of toxins from the body, while facilitating the nervous system to heal and restore to a more balanced state of health and well- being. Throughout the practice, the body is supported in specific effortless postures with the aid of bolsters, blankets, and blocks that help to ease deeply-rooted, mind-body tension.

Practitioner: Miranda Tuesdays | 6 - 7:15 PM

Crystal Drumming & Meditation 

This unique class combines Crystal Therapy and Meditation with Shamanic Drumming, for a self-healing experience that restores balance and harmony to the Body, Mind and Spirit.  The Medicine Drum helps us to open our hearts and minds to the healing power of Stones, taking us on a journey to receive guidance, teaching and healing from these wise old Teachers, and any other Spirit Allies that come forward to bless our intention. In addition to meditating with the crystals, we’ll also place the stones on and around the body to release stagnant energy and emotional tension – helping us to calm the mind, find our centre and better cope with stress and anxiety. 
Next Class Dates:
Wed. Oct 17th Heart Chakra
Wed. Oct 24th Throat Chakra
Wed. Oct 31st NO CLASS 


Yin Restorative 

Yin is a gentle, therapeutic style of yoga. It focuses on the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. In this class you will move between slow sequences of longer held passive poses and restorative poses supported by props so that the body can relax and release. This is effective at calming & balancing the mind & body, reducing stress & anxiety, increasing circulation, improving flexibility & joint mobility, balancing the internal organs and improving the flow of prana through meridian stimulation.

Practitioner: Miranda Kent Saturdays | 10 - 11:15 PM



1.25 hr class |  $25 + HST or 1 Moons 
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If you are committed to self care or interested in trying all of our classes, save by purchasing the 8 Moon Package! Its a fun way to guarantee the time and self care you deserve. You'll receive an 8 Moon Card that allows you to either drop in at your convenience or register in advance. By registering in advance, you ensure you get the class you want, when you want it, all while saving! 

8 Moon Package | Cost: $150 + HST  
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