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December 2019 Events & Workshops


Join us on Dec 14th for some early holiday sales to support the season of gift giving. To honour the passing of Donald Duong who died on Nov 22nd, 2019, to Sarcoma Cancer, we will be donating  5% of sales in store and online to Sarcoma Cancer Research Society. 
Saturday, December 14th, 2019
Time: 10 - 7:30 PM
$40 Tarot w/ Jayne 
$40 Soul Path Readings w/ Andra
$40 Reiki Treatments w/ Jennifer
Call 416 516 2191 to book a service

Join us on December 1st for a special workshop crafting event with Lady Samantha during the start of the festive season. Within this workshop you will be guided on how to create a wall hanging that you can hang in your house or gift to a friend. There will be a few options available at the workshop to allow you to make it your own. Feel free as well to bring a feather or a crystal you would like to work into your creation. All Crafting Supplies will be included in the cost of the workshop. These may include: yarn, feathers, hide, vines, rings, ribbon, beading accessories, crystals, dried flowers, driftwood. If there is anything you want to bring to the workshop that you have interest in including in your wall hanging, feel free to bring it. Sunday, December 1st, 2019 1 - 4PM  $150 + HST 
Registration Deadline: Nov 28th, 2019 Space Limited Teacher: Lady Samantha
Click on link for more information. 

Many people have experienced contact with decreased relatives and other spirits through physical phenomena that occurred to them under a variety of circumstance. Others have connected with the spirit world through dreams. The common thread is that they all happened spontaneously. These experiences, called Spirit Communication, are a fundamental aspect of mediumship. Most have experienced this type of communication at least once in their lifetime, but only the most sensitive are able to do this and help others tune into this gift on demand. And why would we want to do this on demand? Because when initiating communication with spirit under the direction of a skilled practitioner, you may experience a moment of psychic awakening during which you can become connected to someone from your past who has passed on and who is no longer here -- almost as if they are speaking directly with you, right here and right now. 
In this workshop, Jayne Marie, a skilled intuitive, will teach you and guide you in the basics of spirit communication. Come and enjoy an evening of inner personal exploration, resolving personal issues with those dear to you who have passed on, and perhaps even have a revelation of how future events may unfold for you. Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 7 - 9:30 PM approximately
Cost: $70 + HST Full pymt required for registration Class Size limited to 8 participants.  Duration: 2.5 hours Teacher: Jayne Marie

Tarot is old. Very old. It symbolizes the Journey of The Hero, from his humble beginnings to the full realization of his power and potential. Tarot can help you get a jump start when you become stalled on your life’s journey, provide insight and information, and guide you to remove blockages that impede your happiness and fulfillment. This intensive hands-on class focuses primarily on how the Tarot works… and how to make it work. Numerology, symbolism, and the elements will be explained, and a reading will be given to each participant. This class is prerequisite for her Tarot for Beginners Certification class, The Intermediate Tarot Class and The Advanced Tarot Class. See policies on link. Sunday, December 8th, 2019 12 - 2 PM $60 + HST Full pymt required for registration Teacher: Jayne Marie

Join us for a December Full Moon ceremony of deep release. The December Full Moon is traditionally called by pagans the Cold Moon that allows for deep release and mourning as we integrate the cold, the death of the harvest, our isolation and the wisdom that is found in this place. This ceremony offers us a chance to shed and release in this moon before the solstice and our chance of renewal that comes with the return of the sun. As the Earth continues to cool, we understand that death is a reality, but just a part of the cycle of birth, life and death. Join Andra in a ritual of shedding and letting go under the witness of the bright December moon. Register in Advance. Space is Limited. 
Wednesday, December 11th, 2019 Time: 8 - 10 PM  Cost: $45+HST Your Guide: Andra Evans Coed

Join Megan Marie Gates for a Winter Solstice sound ceremony at The Rock Store.  The Winter Solstice (Yule) marks the longest night of the year and the rebirth of the Sun.  Together, we reflect on this incubation period of darkness, and celebrate the return of the Light to our world.  Our ceremony will include energy work and cleansing rituals, meditation, prayer and a full sound bath (crystal singing bowls, hang drum, mantra, voice, and more).  Please bring a journal and a pen to write with. 
Date: Friday, Dec 20th, 2019 Time: 8 - 9:30 PM Cost: $45 + HST Tickets must be purchased in advance. 

It is time for the day of the long night. The night the dark owns the sky. The Crone in her death dies this night and moves into a period of dormancy until Imbolc. This is the celebration of wisdom, age, silence and winter. It is the celebration of how inherently wise and cunning we are as Women of the Wheel. Come celebrate with us in ceremony this night of the wise woman and the ending of the cycle of her life. Descend together into the void of Her womb, where death and birth are simultaneous. This ceremony is part of the Open Coven of TCOTM that resides at The Rock Store, founded by Lady Samantha in 2009. The Open Coven follows a feminine - centred Dianic Wiccan tradition focussing on the 8 sabbats and how the Goddess and God symboliclly live throughout our own lives. These rituals support women's cycles, healing, and support through all stages of a woman's life. DECEMBER 21ST, 2019 8:00 - 10:00 PM approx. Cost: $70 + HST Women only
Lead by Lady Samantha of TCOTM 3rd Degree High Priestess in the Runic Tradition of Norse Witchcraft DRESS CODE: ALL BLACK CLOTHING


New Years eve Nicole Angela

Join our dear friend and soul sister Nicole Angela on New Years Eve for a sacred night of prayer and invocation. We are so excited to have her return to offer sacred space. 

Bring your prayers for yourself. 
Bring your prayers for The Collective. 
Inclusive and open to all. 
We are going to begin 2020 with Prayer. Let’s try shall we.
We invite 2020. 
Forward in our Destiny.  

Astrologically this coming January 2020 we will all be experiencing the Saturn Pluto conjunction, a rare conjunction that only happens every 34 years and brings collective upheaval and change, especially on the world stage. Personally, this is a time that we will be faced with our own limitations, fears around power structures and may be forced or choose to change the ways in which we operate in the world. This year therefore can offer us a time to truly choose a new path and release ourselves from the limiting behaviors and processes in our lives. For this reason we are choosing to run 2 ceremonies dedicated to the Saturn Pluto Conjunction, New Years Eve and Jan 18th, 2020 to support us individually and the collective in the energies of 2020. 
New Years Eve Prayer and Invocation Circle 
December 31, 2019 
Time: 8-10pm
Cost: $85 + HST
More Info 
Click on the link. Open to Everyone. 


Spirit Energy Cleanse ~ Limpias 💐🌿
In this beautiful personal treatment ceremony,  we call upon the plants to assists us in cleansing heavy energy from our spirit, our mind and our body. We ask the plants to help re-align us to clear the way in order to connect with our deeper selves.The limpia consists of connecting to the plants, taking in their aroma followed by an energetic sweeping and brushing of the body with the fresh flowers, plants and herbs. Traditionally this practice has been used in Central and South America to rid the soul of any blockages. Intentions will be set while taking in prayers and song, allowing the wisdom of the plants to integrate and clear. These sessions will be paired up with reiki. Sessions will be held with Shirley Pincay Bookings: Call 416 516 2191 or shirley@therockstore.ca Limited Spaces Available for December Only.  Cost: 90 mins $145 + HST