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Third Eye Grid Apr 12-26

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    Apr 12th - 26th

    Welcome to the month of "Ajna", the third eye crystal portal. This is the month dedicated to the inner sight you innately have. The 6th chakra governs perception and physical sight. It is the host of the mind and interpretation. How you perceive your reality is filtered through this chakra and can create profound change through awareness or its opposite, delusion. This chakra, when in balance, governs your ability to perceive your surroundings without an internal stimulus or reference that can create biased misrepresentation. This chakra governs transcendence and enlightenment. It is attached to knowledge and understanding. This is the chakra attached to inner sight of your dreams, your intuition and the messages from your higher self. 

    With all the influx of energies and information around you to aid you in your spiritual journey, the third eye can be overloaded with information. The third eye needs as much rest to remain clear and connected to the rest of your energetic body. It is imperative to rest this highly stressed area of our body as much as it is necessary to exercise it. This way we can remain focussed, and lead our lives integrating the lessons and energies of this new age. 

    Welcome to the third eye crystal grid portal. Come lie for 60 or 90 mins while kyanite, clear quartz, iolite, labradorite, lapis and so many more work to bring you the messages and healing required within your 6th chakra, the Third Eye. 

    Many Blessings to clear sight during these great times of movement. 

    April 12th - 26th, 2017
    60/90 MINS available $95/125 + HST
    Call 416 516 2191 to book.

    Feel free to Prepay Online. 
    We will Contact you within 48 hours to set up your appointment. 
    Alternatively, feel free to call us at 416 516 2191. 

    Policy: In respect of our Practitioner's time, please allow 24 hours notice cancellation. Failure to do so may result in affecting future bookings and loss of prepaid session. 

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