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  • Sacral Chakra Grid Dec 7-21

Sacral Chakra Grid Dec 7-21

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    Dec 7th - 21st 2017

    This Crystal grid is designed to transform our individual and collective views, ideas and opinions, that are conscious and unconscious, connected to our sacral chakra. Within this centre, are the energies of our creativity, our sexuality, the roles of the Mother and Father in the family unit, our blood, semen, menstrual cycle, the ability to reproduce and be fertile, (both figuratively and literally), the tradition of marriage, and the imprint of the patriarchal family life that has shaped thousands of years our society and the way in which men and women relate. 

    This Crystal Grid is designed for all to heal, align and experience the raw primal textures, that are Divine from the sacral chakra, and understand our connection to these vital energies, our passion and life of connection to the Great Mother, through the prismatic crystalline iron that pumps through our veins, which is a direct correlation to the underlying currents of that which makes Her heart beat and fuels innate fire. This grid is KALI and Pele manifest, it is the surge of primordial life-force which fuels creativity and gives you individuality to manifest your personal contracts into form. 

    Lie there surrounded by hundred of JUICY SHAKING SACRAL chakra crystals while Reiki and Aromatherapy are applied. 

    December 7th - 21st 2017

    60/90 MINS available $105/145 + HST
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