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Crystal Grid Treatments

Lie down in one of our sacred geometric crystal grids, designed for optimal healing while Reiki, Sacred Geometry, and Chakra Balancing deeply and gently release tension and restore balance and harmony to your being. Each Grid is built by Lady Samantha with the support of The Rock Store Team. We build each one with the intention of having integral energetics to make sure the energy of the grid flows between the crystals and the client, creating a coherent space. We have built close to 100 crystal grids since we started in 2009. Our Grids have been featured in Now Magazine, on Storage Wars Canada, and on TFO (The French Channel.) Click Here to view some Pictures.

The Crystals Grids completely transform our whole center for the two weeks they are enacted, filling the whole centre with its theme, lessons and transformation. We build these grids based off the sacred geometries of the stones, our intuition, and the theme of the grid. Each one is intended to act as an altar to the theme for a complete experience. They are truly extraordinary. The Reiki Practitioners support the process of the energetic movements generated by the crystals enabling a safe journey. Aromatherapy applied. 


THE UNDERWORLD CRYSTAL GRID TREATMENTS OCT 17TH - OCT 31TH Here in the underworld, we meet our Other, our lessons, while in the sacred shadows that teach us, lure us into exploration, and that constantly beckon us to enter. Here we lie in the sacred grid of the Underworld, with our stuff, our shadows, our desires, with that which we lust, and that which we would devour.  We lie in the primal energies of the union that creates fertility. The union that would manifest above ground in the sacred rite of marriage at Beltane. It is the grid of passion, it is empowering, it is sexual, it is healing, it is protective, it is raw, instinctual, and it is the place most of us fear. Yet it is the most beautiful place..... The beginning. reiki and aromatherapy applied. 
October 17th - October 31st, 2018 60/90 mins $105/$145 + HST
All Crystal grids must be prepaid upon booking. 

This December journey to meet the Great Mother in her time of rest. Within the cooler temperatures of the season, She offers us warmth and healing in our inward journey. We journey within, coming home into Her and into ourselves, by finding our Root, which stays alive and warm through the winter. The Roots of the Great Mother's Trees, govern our physical experience; your money, your job, your body, your ability to stabilize and all things tangible in your life. These are that which makes you feel secure and provided for. The Root is your connection directly through the soles of your feet into the Great Earth Mother. It is through this door that we accept the gifts she wishes to provide. It is through this door that we walk with a loving step for the stability she provides. This Grid is the grid of the roots of the Mother's Great Tree, and draws on the deep roots from trees that surround us, aiding us in their lesson of true stability and connectivity. We are only as strong as our support system. This is the Grid of the shaman, the wise crone, the wisdom keepers, the bears, the crows, the birch and oak trees with their deep roots. This is the crystal grid of wisdom found deep within the earth, wisdom accessible through the ground that comes as inheritance. Come lie in a sacred geometric crystal grid treatment in our healing room, amidst hundred of crystals designed to align, attune, and amplify your root chakra while Reiki and Aromatherapy are applied. 
December 6th - 23rd 2018 60/90 MINS available $105/145 + HST

CRYSTAL GRID More Information can be found by clicking on the Event Modules below.

How to Book:

To book a 60/90 min session please call the store 416 516 2191, or feel free to pay in advance by clicking on one of the Grids below. Our Crystal Grids are built within a specific period of time and tend to fill quite fast so it is recommended to book prior to the allocated time. For Grids prepurchased below, please allow 24 - 48 hours before we contact you via email to set up an appointment. Alternatively, you can pay in store on day of your session. 

Crystal Grid Policy: Please allow 24 Hours for Cancellation in respect of our Pracitioners's time. Failure to adhere to our policy may require leaving a nonrefundable deposit for future bookings. 

See Below for more information of each Event Crystal Grid and prepay for your session. 

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