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Ruby in Zoisite - 10mm Facet

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    Emanates energy of growth and fertility in all aspects of life. It can support the reproductive process on all levels, from conception to birth, as well as optimal growth and development through childhood. It provides the energy for the rebirth of oneself into the soul. Fostering inner development and increased understanding of oneself and the world. Excellent stone for those who have already awakened.Root, third eye and heart are stimulated and harmonized. Energizes the body. Gives a sense of knowing things!

    Affirmation: My mind, heart, body and spirit blend in perfect harmony as I manifest my true self. - Naisha Ashian

    Stone: Ruby in Zoisite, 10mm facet

    Only Available in Size 1

    Easy to wear jewellery-elastic cord. Do not wear in water.

    Size 1 fits 6 to 6 1/2" wrists
    Size 2 fits 7 to 7 1/2" wrists