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Join us on April 1st for a special Astrology Bonanza!

At The Rock Store astrology is woven into the fabric of our daily life, business and offerings. We have been hosting astrological readings and classes for over a decade. We are so enthusiastic about everything astrological and the transformative lens it offers each one of us.  We are so excited for our first ever astrological bonanza! 


ASTROLOGY SYMPOSIUM: The Natal Chart Workshop 
Join us for a 90 min intro workshop outlining the natal chart, its different components, how it functions and works, and the major archetypes present. Register by March 30th with your birth data, and we will prepare your natal chart for you to have and learn off in class. This class will provide handouts.
April 1st, 2023  11:30 AM - 1 PM  IN PERSON 
Early Bird Cost: $50 + HST
b/f March 16th, $65 + HST after. 
Provide your chart info by March 30th and we will print your chart for you for class! 

For those of you interested in getting a mini taste about what your own chart is about, this is the event for you! We have two readers available, Laurelle and Annie, who are both senior practitioners studying under Lady Samantha for over 3 years. Book with one of both and get a glimpse into your chart. Feel free to ask any question you like! Just make sure to bring your date, time, and location of birth. 
Give us a call at 416 516 2191 to book! 
Sessions are 25 mins Available April 1st 11-6 PM  IN PERSON 
Cost: $35 + HST