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2013 Crystal Ally Card Reading

I have chosen a three card pull for this reading. I am asking my crystal allies for messages pertaining to this year and the allies that choose to bring and aid us in working towards them. I am asking them to be clear and specific with regard to the new energies that are now available and beckoning us to respond.

Deck Used: “The Crystal Ally Cards” by Naisha Ashian

The First Card:

Labradorite: This card sets the tone for this year with the MAGIC of labradorite leading the way. Labradorite is the stone of magical awakenings, feminine power, kundalini, and the strength of the Great Mother in the New Moon. It is the stone of hidden information held in the dark abyss of yourself, the cosmos, the shadow and all things unseen. I feel this card is a signature card of the whole year and the urgency needed to surrender to the unknowing and the uncontrollable energy of the times. It is the willingness of exploration of depth that allows things to change on the surface and the decension of exploration this stone urges you to take.

The Second Card:

FIRE: The second card is the Elemental card of FIRE. This card signifies TRANSMUTATION in its fastest element. FIRE burns everything to the ground so that things may start anew. The energy of Fire is fast and consuming and urges action. This is a year of taking action on the guidance received to employ the change needed in your life.

The Third Card:

There were two cards that were pulled together for the third card. Danburite and Fulgerite, signifying Spirit and Prayer. With both, it is a message to turn our attention to the Divine and ask for aid when necessary, shower gratitude to show thanks and know that You are a part of the Divine Family that loves and cares for you. A universal law is “ASK”! Angels will only intervene when you allow them to do so.

Final Card:

KYANITE: Kyanite is the stone of inner bridges. I find myself asking the question whilst looking at this card… “How do I bridge the gap between the physical life experience and my spiritual practice?” This is the card urging you to evaluate the practices you have learned and their adoption into your life. This is the understanding of the new energies and allowing them to ground, enabling you to be more present, more coherent and neither spinning away in a galaxy far far away with your feet a foot off the floor, nor looking at the ground and never looking up. Here we bring about the practice in your life of reflection and contemplation for the ways in which you bridge the spiritual and physical experience of 2013.

Many blessings to your year.

Lady Sammy
February 23th, 2013 The eve of the First full moon during the year of the snake.

What is Crystal Therapy?

Starting a relationship with crystals broadens awareness internally and externally. Instead of taking from the crystal we join in union with a tangible physical energy outside ourself that draws so many similarities within.

To choose a crystal, I pose the question in two ways….

1. Which crystal do you need to be using for healing, self awareness and personal growth?

YouI may have something that you are working on in your personal journey, for example, patience, anger or a struggle with insomnia, and therefore you seek a crystal to aid you in that healing.

2. Which crystal innately calls to you without having a set intention?

Sometimes crystals call out to your individual spirit as they want to be joined with you. Sometimes it is not about what you want or what you think you need. The particular crystal may speak to your higher self or the child within. This can come as a feeling of KNOWING like a child KNOWS this toy MUST be theirs. This can also come as a DRAWING toward the crystal for esthetic reasons. Trust the inner voice and the inner feeling of which crystal belongs with you. Another situation that is quite familiar to me is when the crystal calls because it needs you more than the other way around. It may be to aid in its cleaning, or transport to another place for the Earth or another partner.

From the moment you join and share your space with a crystal, you create a beautiful space for growth and increasing your awareness and energetic space.

As we transition and change in our lives, we may find ourselves needing new crystals as their original purpose may be over. You can either pass on your crystal friend to a new partner or return it to the Earth with gratitude.

Crystals connect us to the Earth Mother. We walk on them beneath the surface everyday and share the similar nutrients and minerals within our body. It connect us to HER and innately within our own physical and energetic bodies. We do not need to choose whether or not we believe in them. They are physically in front of us in all shapes and sizes to be admired, to be cared for, just as your body is in need of the same love.

Happy Making new Crystal Friends.

"FOR MA" - By Ezmae

This is for my one and only, I’m going to call her MA
Call her God, Universe, Unknown, it’s all the same: Aha Aha!
One face of the Divine, her roots in the Feminine remain
I’m talking about this energy that knows labor’s pain.
This is for the thing in me, in you, and I, and all
Characteristics of humanity that take care of loves beckon call.
The real deal kind of love that needs opening, surrender, compassion and release
Build a relationship with forgiveness as you go about making peace.
This is for this thing that fuels my insides forth with raw
Take my hand, paint inspiration and let me break all the laws.

You gave me my gifts, the exact ones you wanted me to know
Then you gave me the circumstances to build me up to serve some turbulent flow.
You placed the exact people there who would trigger me head to toe
You made me think like Henry David Thoreau, feel like Vincent Van Gogh so I had to grow.
You set me up for wildness, so that I can play a willed part
It’s really crazy, this thing I guess I’ll call life as art.
I’m just the hands, the name and the face that these people are going to see
But it’s you who fuel everything, and you need me to be gutsy.
These words are for you, in honor, praise and thanks
You the thing that is bigger than me, and exactly me, we together climb the ranks.

You are the thing that knows better, infusing wisdom in my bones
Bringing me everything you know into my world to ease away my jones.
I don’t really have the words to tell you what I feel
I don’t know how to express in gratitude, what you’ve done for me to heal.
The depths we continue to wander I know will be hand in hand.
You take me through this ride of wonder from brutal death to understand.
With the words I have on this day right here
I’m going to stop rambling for a moment and instead give you my ear.
In the quiet and in stillness my mind, body, soul is yours to be
I know you’ll take care of me, it is time to speak, I have a job as the heart’s Emcee!

We are a society immersed in an age of networking and social media, with a constant desire to connect. Even as you read these words, it means you are sitting in front of a computer or your phone searching for something, having arrived here. I’m going to ask you to take a moment to stop and take three, slow, deep breaths before you continue. Even if you don’t want to, please: Just do it. We are a generation constantly on the go with an expectation for speed, efficiency, and perfection alike the technology we have created to help ourselves. We have many avenues available to us to connect; yet, in our greatest technological advances have we forgotten how to communicate? Or should I say: Have we forgotten the value in communication? The art of communication requires two things: 1) the transferring of an idea, thought and/or emotion ‘The Voice’ and 2) the receiving of an idea, thought, and/or emotion ‘The Listener.’ It is in communicating that we are able to share and connect in a meaningful way.

But with a generation who prefers writing quick, rapid-fire responses as opposed to speaking, we have cut out and minimized our vocabulary not to mention the use of our spoken voice. #voice #discussion #evolution. As a result, many demonstrate terrible diction, we often mumble and at times struggle with articulating complete thoughts because we are accustomed to slang and short hand. We rely on our devices to connect us to not only our greatest friends and family members, we can also use them to communicate with complete strangers around the world. In doing this, we have eliminated the art of sensory communication also known as, communication through the heart. We have simplified the communication process, eliminating our need for sense perception, so that we can rely solely on words exchanged on a screen punctuated with emoticons. This muddles our ability to take in another human being and clock their body language as we speak. We have removed sound and the ability to take in the intonation and timbre of the other person’s voice as they speak, opting for xo and <3 and #love. We are unable to smell or taste or take in any other tactile sensations that create a meaningful shared experience with someone as part of our primary, daily communication routine. It allows for a delay in our conversations as we take time to think and plan what we’re going to say as opposed to being forced to answer and respond in the moment with our gut. Short hand and the use of symbols can be wonderful for clear, concise, direct communication; but if we are going to rely so heavily on our visual and language skills on a machine to represent our voice, is it not important that we take time to evaluate how we use our words to affect one another?

Words are everything and they are absolutely nothing. On their own, they are simply characters on a page; strung together they hold significant power. With directed intention they can translate information and we can impact one another. I can say I love you and mean f**k you and say f**k you and mean I love you. Words are important. Intention is important. Study them. Look them up. Define them. Re-define them, Question them. Rearrange them. Whisper them. Shout them. Repeat them. Think about them before speaking. Don’t get bored. Don’t get lazy. We need to take ownership and understand every word, every image, every story, every truth, every lie that comes out of our mouths. We need to read twelve billion books, have hundreds of relationships, use, misuse, play with, exempt, be erotic with and enjoy language as we describe and define our lives.

Among many of the conversations we have in a day, one of the most important conversations that we will have is the one we have with ourselves. I have come to regard this conversation as a conversation with MA. MA defined as intuition, the Feminine Face of the Divine, Soul, and Spirit among various other names in many traditions world wide that have been past along century upon century. I have come to regard her as MA because that is how her voice sounds. She is the voice of the one who wants to nurture, challenge, expand, take care, connect, love, re-orient and move not only myself; but humanity into a place where we value the art of connecting because we value one another. Her scope is beyond large because she cares about everything.

MA’s time is now. Her voice is for everyone. Her market is global and then some. Let me connect the dots. We live in a day and age where people are hungry to heal, to soften, to grow, to change, to take control over choosing to live a life with purpose, grace, dignity, joy, love and understanding for the lessons needing to be learned when challenge and struggle arise. Look around at the explosion of the health and wellness industry. Never before has there been a time when the influx of self-help and spiritual based writing has impacted our Western culture as it is now. People are unapologetically reading self-help books, understanding the power in their thoughts, practicing yoga and meditation; all of these practices are becoming valued in society. We are evolving. Either you are on the bandwagon or you hate everything that it represents; but either way her voice is here. Her voice is somewhere in you.

MA’s voice is unmistakable and while she cares deeply for us do not underestimate her ability to push you. She serves up a serious amount of tough love so that we are continually forced to listen and deepen our understanding of what exactly it means to be alive. When we start to listen to MA she takes us through experiences that include: surrender, forgiveness, compassion, joy, ecstasy, perseverance, truth, authenticity, service, acknowledging our own shadows, community and love. These are the foundations for everything that she speaks to. In addition to speech, language and thoughts, it is important we broaden our perspective and remember she uses many methods to communicate, many of which we have to interpret. She uses Ancient Texts, Symbols, Nature, Animals, Astrology, Archetypes, Dreams, Art, Repeated Events in your Life, Synchronicity, Cycles, Music, Ceremony, Dance, Your Body, Stillness, Silence, Alone time and Relationships to speak to you. She speaks constantly. Sometimes we don’t listen. Sometimes it takes time to understand what ‘she’ is saying.

Although I use the term MA and personify her, make no mistake she is not a person, she is not above or below us, she is all of us AND everything in and around us that is concerned with communicating through the heart. If we communicate with the heart we value ourselves and we value every person and living thing in this world, understanding that everything has a role and a place in this greater scope. We can care about our own private circle of friends, Twitter followers, Facebook friends, Instagramers, celebrities, politicians and pop culture; but more than that we would just care about what it means to be a human being. We would put that care into action prioritizing genuine, respectful, meaningful relationships with ourselves and others. Oxytocin is the hormone that is released into the human body when we touch and allow ourselves to be touched. Our bodies have a visceral response when we speak and connect through the heart reminding us the importance of feeling. And it is in this place of feeling that we are reminded of the humility required to be human.

MA has gifted each of us with a very specific and particular role to play in this world; but unless we know how to listen to her we would never know. We spend our time more often than not rambling, gossiping, criticizing, offering advice, judgments, talking over one another and voicing opinions. It is very rare that we actually practice listening. If we want to communicate clearly and be heard we need people who are willing to listen. We have to be able to speak and listen. Why? If we do not take the time to authentically connect face to face it allows anger, hate, violence, judgment, worthlessness and greed to seep into our lives through this elimination of touch. We need touch. It is not mother Earth that needs the saving, it is us. It is humans. As we look around the world at the chaos widespread globally including massive storms, public shootings, train crashes and political upheaval to name only a few: MA is communicating loudly. She is asking us to wake up! She is ready to clear out and release that which does not serve the greater good in the effort of rebuilding and forcing us back into communication, true communication with the human heart. And there is nothing like chaos to challenge us to find perspective and remind us we may need to lean on one another.

Love has no limits, as soon as limits appear, it is indeed something; but love it is not. Something that is easy for many of us, is incredibly difficult for others; making it all the more extraordinary when it rises to the surface. These perfect moments of vulnerability are to be treasured. In those moments we change, soften and grow. Not only for ourselves; but for all of humanity. The heart of humanity cracks open one relationship at a time. This is why they are each needed and they are each valuable. No story is ever new or revolutionary; yet wisdom bleeds out of each and every one as we work together to expand and be better to one another, moving one kiss, one stroke across the back, one gentle squeeze on the shoulder towards this place. This is why we need these experiences. It is in the repetition of these stories that the magic occurs. And if we remember nothing else, we want to remember the magic. We need to remember how to communicate again to save ourselves.

This is your life. You get to create it, take in, share, don’t share, voice, not voice whatever it is you want. You are free to do that. But, can we not at least try to get up everyday and do that with integrity, do that with understanding, do that with consideration of ourselves; but also with the consideration of every person we come into contact with so that we can take care of one another? Have we not spent enough of our time fighting and not understanding our own anger before speaking and acting? Can we not learn to use our words to discuss? And yes, this involves work. And no, I would be lying if I said this always feels natural. It is a choice I make every day to try because I have control over how I show up in this world. It’s not about being good or bad; it’s about understanding the relevance of those terms and knowing when and how I can be both.

We share the human heart and that connection will always speak louder than words. Love plays a role in our lives. It is part of the hard wiring of being a human for a reason whether it’s in its’ absence or abundance. We have to understand the statement: Listen to your Heart. We have to understand the words, the role, the practices, the significance, the history and the awareness involved in getting up not just one day; but every day and be willing to connect with our most authentic selves and reflections of ourselves. We need to make authentic relationships a priority. Relationships where there is a consideration for how we speak, how we behave, what we choose to fight about and our willingness to include intimacy in our lives.

I am not a young woman sitting on a mountain top meditating. I am not living in a community in the jungle, in a bubble away from the rest of this world. I am here. And I dance and drink and eat decadent food and get angry and have sex. I am living my life in a busy city with people who understand what I’m talking about and thousands more who don’t have a clue what I’m talking about; but regardless of my environment my desire to communicate with and through the heart can not change. It cannot be dependent and reserved for only a specific number of people. We need to understand that our ability to learn to communicate with and through the heart will dictate every experience, event, person that ever was or will ever be in our lives. It is with ourselves in the quiet we need to begin. We can not point our fingers and say it is anybody else because it is not: It is us. And it is time to take responsibility for ourselves- all of our selves. It is the conversations that we have with the intuitive self that will dictate the voice of change that this world needs. We need to listen to humanity’s heart and from that place, then we can speak! #MA #Communicate #Love #WakeUp.

By Ezmae Laurance

Gendhai Reiki: Level 1, Level 2 and Shipinden
The Universe is a Green Dragon by Brian Swimme
Integral Life Practice by Ken Wilber
A Brief History of Everything by Ken Wilber
Eyes Wide Open: Cultivating Discernment on the Spiritual Path by Mariana Caplan PhD
The Feeling Buddha by David Brazier
A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
Integral Health by Elliot S. Dacher


By Lady Sammy
Jan 2010

With the ascent of patriarchal ideas and ways of life leading to our current society, women and men have lost the connection to the Earth and the cycles of the moon. Before this began, the moon was used as a benchmark of time and as a guide to when the crops should be harvested. The moon was considered feminine as it contributed to the growth and reproduction that sustains all life on the Earth. This recognition led many to associate the Moon with Goddess energy, overseeing the Earth as the bringer of all life.

The moon is dark and mysterious and only shows its face when sunlight is reflected upon it. Darkness is the place where all things begin. Within the womb, the egg, and the Earth, darkness exists as the starting places of creation. Unfortunately our current age has created negative images of the dark associating it with witches, demons, and other negative thoughts. Night is also no longer night as we disguise it with artificial lights that reach deep into space. No wonder our Divine Feminine is lacking in our current state. Our Earth is crying to be heard. There is an urge now in these shifting times to resurface the recognition of the moon and offer attention to the Dark Goddess within all of us and to our connection to the Earth.

Even though the moon is much smaller than the Sun, it is much closer to us and is a vital factor in the Earths ability to support life. Most people are aware that the moon is the reason for the tides of the oceans we experience daily but unaware of the other elements it affects. Like the symbol of the five pointed star, the moon affects the four elements, Earth, Water, Fire and Air plus the divine spirit of creation, Us. It affects the Water through the pull on the ocean’s tides; the fire of the Earths molten core causing it to surge and recede; the changes in height of the body of air, the atmosphere that surrounds our planet, which contributes to the shifting weather patterns; and finally the movement of the Earths crust toward the moon. As children of this Earth and bodily comprised of almost all water, we too are affected emotionally, physically and spiritually by the power of the moon. We experience more injuries and emotions during full moons and less at New Moons. In karmic thought it is believed to be a great time to release karma during Full moons and manifest desires and goals during new moons because of the gravitation pull heightened when the moon is full. Females share the Goddess likeness in having the ability to create within our own wombs, and experience the lunar cycle through menses, our menstruation.

I didn’t realize until recently how few women realized how our bodies and emotions were connected and governed by the moon. What an awesome notion! We women are influenced by this huge celestial body and thus share with the Earth as Great Earth Mother who also heeds these cycles. Therefore if we left this Earth we would not experience a 28-day cycle. We have an awesome power within our womb, physically and emotionally, that many are unaware of because in this day and age this cycle has been hidden, caused embarrassment, viewed as inconvenient and manipulated with regulating drugs so that it would appear to not exist. During menstruation instead of honoring and resting our bodies and our daily routine, we blame our actions on our cycle of PMS and go about our life as normal all while there is blood leaking out of us! Without speaking of the endless causes of why this has happened I prefer to offer this text to speak of the privilege we have as women to have to this ability to bleed. We have a womb! A womb that can create, cultivate and sustain life for 9 or so months. We have a menstrual cycle, blessed by the cycle of the moon Goddess, every 28 days.

In ancient times, women took their moon time to rest, meditate, release the unwanted and honour their bodies, while celebrating womanhood. The men respected this time as an honouring of the female creative force. Women and Men both understood the importance of allotting this time of sacred space for women, as they were the carriers of future generations. Since we experience blood flow as a result of no impregnation, symbolically, the blood was an offering back into Mother Earth to be recycled and renewed for the next coming cycle. Because there were no outside influences, like electrical lighting, contraceptive pills, or processed unhealthy hormone filled food, the menstruation cycles of women within a tribe would correspond together with the dark side of the moon.

There is urgency now for women to join together and reclaim our Femininity, our gathering together in acknowledgement of our creative force within our wombs. The Earth is indeed feminine and acknowledging Her through Her female offspring is desired. We have the ability to aid in healing the Feminine energy lacking currently on this Earth plane. We can do so by honouring our bodies with rest, good food and allow the time of the month to come with ease and respect. WE can do so by joining with other women in community and circles for support, encouragement and advice as we march along this once forgotten path.

The power is within our wombs to manifest a new reality for females. It is not about getting those jobs that men have or fitting in to be equal where they sit. Instead we can carve new positions, a new Goddess seat for women and create unity, power and shared communication amongst all women that invokes and honours our Goddess likeness to Create, and Birth our dreams, our children, our futures and the future and health of the Great Earth Mother. I challenge with love every woman to look within the power of their belly and creative life force and spark joy, pride and gratitude for their unique ability to be in the cycle of the moon having an impact on this Earth.